In a withering statement, Florida school superintendents state they, “have lost confidence in the current accountability system for the students of the State of Florida.”

The statement concluded, “We have witnessed the erosion of public support for an accountability system that as once a model of the nations.  Florida school superintendent stand ready to work with all stakeho9lders and the Department of Education to develop a viable accountability system and regain the trust of our students, teachers, parents and communities.”

Florida has been a virtual petri dish for various “education reforms” for more than a decade.  And some in Alabama are quick to promote Florida as a model we should follow.  The common thread seems to be former Florida Governor and now Presidential candidate Jeb Bush.  For instance, an education foundation created by Bush to promote his reform agenda has had staff meet with a group in Alabama working on our own accountability system.

And former governor Riley’s scholarship granting organization, the Alabama Opportunity Scholarship Fund, is actually under the control of a Florida SGO.

We often hear that we should profit from the mistakes of others.  It increasingly appears that we should remember that when we look at how the Sunshine State manages their public schools.