Two days ago I wrote an open letter to Governor Ivey as a blog post.  Response was tremendous.  Lots of emails from people all over Alabama agreeing with my position and hoping the governor would see it.

As of a few minutes ago, this post had 2,613 views on the blog, had reached 9,202 people of FaceBook and been shared 65 times.  Now I am way too social media illiterate to really know what all this means, but when compared to most posts, this is an excellent response.

And the morning after posting, I made a copy and hand-delivered it to Governor Ivey.  Quickly told her what it was and asked her to read it, which she promised to do.

I am convinced that if we are to begin righting the education ship of state in Alabama, which we so desperately need to do, Governor Ivey will play a key role as chair of the state school board.  As most know, she was once a teacher herself and has great empathy for those who work tirelessly in our schools.  This was demonstrated last night when she attended the annual Teacher of the Year event and was there from beginning to end.

And I am now asking you to join me in sending a letter to the governor.

Long ago a staff member for a Congressman explained the “rule of six” to me.  It is simply this.  If the Congressman gets one letter about a specific issue, it is noted, but no alarms are raised.  HOWEVER, by the time the sixth letter about the same subject gets to the Congressional office, staff members begin thinking the world may be coming to an end.

With this in mind, I encourage you to write your own letter expressing your concerns about our public schools and the present lack of  leadership in the state department of education.  Just a few heartfelt paragraphs are fine.  And if you have experience in education, so much the better.

Send to:

Governor Kay Ivey

Alabama State Capitol

600 Dexter Ave.

Montgomery, AL 36130

It seems that real live, honest-to-goodness letters on stationary and put in an envelope with a stamp on it are becoming rare.  Which probably gives them even more impact than in years gone by.

But for the sake of our 730,000 students in public schools, please take a few minutes and show your support for them, their teachers and administrators.