About all I know about the Alabama Policy Institute is that apparently they spend more time reading tea leaves than honest research reports before sending their version of “wisdom” to the masses.  How anyone can actually believe what they say is beyond me.  To prove my point, here is something they sent out across Alabama 24 months ago in defense of state superintendent Mike Sentance.

Our Evaluation of Michael Sentance

The Alabama State Board of Education will meet tomorrow in Montgomery for a special meeting abruptly called last week. The stated purpose is to evaluate Superintendent Michael Sentance. The rumored purpose is to fire him.

We trust that the latter is just that–a rumor–as there is absolutely no justification for firing Mr. Sentance. Indeed, allow us to offer our evaluation:

Michael Sentance is a stellar superintendent.

Here are a few of Mr. Sentance’s accomplishments in his short time as superintendent, as reported by Yellowhammer News:

He generally disfavors Common Core and he’s effectively laid the groundwork to replace it with standards that better serve Alabama’s students.
He’s secured permission from the federal government to free Alabama from the sub-par ACT-Aspire standardized tests, which were based on Common Core.
He’s made great progress in reforming Montgomery’s 27 failing public schools and restored the district’s fiscal stability in a short time–a monumental task.
He’s finalizing a smart strategic plan called Alabama Ascending that will serve our children well.
He’s put the stars of the profession–the teachers–at the center of his reform efforts.”

As we all know, Sentance was a disaster as state superintendent.  And thank goodness, the state school board paid no attention to the words coming form the Alabama Policy Institute and Sentance was on his way back to Massachusetts not long after API proclaimed him “stellar.”

API is a big fan of the Alabama Accountability Act and has promoted it many times with dubious info.  Who knows, they may even think it too, like Mike Sentence, is STELLAR.