Nothing I recall in recent memory has impacted this state like the news of 10 people killed in a wreck on I-65 near Greenvill3 on Saturday, June 19.  Especially devastating is the fact that eight of the victims were affiliated with the Girls’ ranch in Tallapoosa County not far from Reeltown.

Joe Windle is the recently retired county school superintendent.  He went to school at Reeltown and was principal there before becoming superintendent.  He still lives in the community and told me how this little crossroads was hurting as four of the victims attended Reeltown high school.

Jnhn Wilcox is a faithful reader of this blog and teaches at the school,  He taught some of the girls and told me that everywhere he looks, he can see their faces.

A GoFundme page was quickly set up to raise money for the ranch.  Response has been amazing.  Last time I checked 6,500 people had given more than $500,000.

Which says to me that in spite of the constant barrage of craziness coming from Washington and being passed along as “news,” the hearts of our citizens are still open when a need arises..  .

This is the country we love,  Something the 535 members of Congress can not seem to understand.