As I write, it is Tuesday night, September 14, 2021 and the big election news is a recall election in California where an effort is being made to recall Democrat governor Gavin Newsome.

His primary opponent is Republican Larry Elder, a right wing talk show host and attorney.  All I know about Elder is that he is a frequent guest on Fox News.and a die hard Donald Trump fan.  And he has taken a page from Trump’s playbook and proclaimed that he is a victim of THE BIG LIE.”

In fact, Elder’s website carried a statement on Sept, 13 claiming that he lost the Sept. 14–EVEN THOUGH THE VOTE HAD NOT BEEN COUNTED.  He further added that he has hired an army of lawyers to go to court.

This is what we’ve come to?  Not the most votes.  The most lawyers..

And these clowns want us to believe they are patriots.  Give me a break.

This is treason.  Nothing less.  And a very sad situation.