It has now been one year since I took my first very, very tentative step into the blogosphere.  I had no idea about what I was doing (and still don’t know much about all this new kind of communicating).  It was sorta kinda like jumping off the high dive for the first time.  OK.  Here I go.

Now, more than 200,000 views later, here I am.  Still chugging along, still trying to stay abreast of the foolishness some of our lawmakers are determined to engage in and still admiring the amazing things I see in schools throughout the state.  Have posted several hundred entries, have driven thousands of miles and made dozens of presentations in the last year.

And I never cease to be amazed at how many good folks say they read my musings on this blog or on facebook.  I am grateful for that.  Just as I am grateful for the many teachers who have welcomed me into their classrooms and principals who have given me a tour of their school.  I’ve heard stories about students and their circumstances that chill me to the bone.  I’ve seen the frustration and anguish on the faces of teachers who give their all each day, knowing that they can still not solve all of society’s ills that show up in their classroom.

Time after time I’ve shaken my head at some hare-brained notion that a lawmaker has schemed up and wondered when did LOGIC become a four-letter word in Montgomery.  I’ve tracked down campaign contributions coming to Alabama from thousands of miles away and been totally unable to understand why a billionaire who probably has never set foot in this state wants to get a legislator elected here.

I’ve been heartened by countless messages of support and just shrugged off the occasional reader who takes me to task.  And in the past few months I’ve been buoyed by the fact that scores of educators have finally found their voice and pushed back when some lawmaker implies that he/she obviously knows more about how schools should function and how teachers should perform than educators do.

Thanks to all who have shared this journey with me and have shared my thoughts with others.

Yes.  It is tiresome and a black, rainy road late at night is not much fun to travel.  But one trip down any elementary hallway and the chance to look into innocent faces makes it worthwhile.