One of the things Governor Ivey said she wanted to do when she took office in the spring was to “right the ship of state” and see that taxpayers are getting what they deserve in how state agencies are being operated.

That being the case, all she has to do is visit the 5th floor of the Gordon Persons building where the state superintendent of education Mike Sentance and his “leadership team” are daily showing us what a governmental “train wreck” looks like.

His firing on Aug. 31 of deputy state superintendent Jeff Langham being just the most recent example of dysfunction.  Because he is a former local superintendent, educators across the state felt they could go to Langham with their concerns and get answers.  (Which is not always the case when some ALSDE departments are contacted.)

Langham was told that the department is trying to close a budget gap.  Even though the day before this occurred Sentance’s chief of staff told a meeting of superintendents there is no gap.

Reaction to this latest development has been off the charts so to speak.  I’ve had emails and calls from one end of Alabama to the other about what is going on.  People have told me they are contacting their state school board member.

Which is well, fine and good.

However, it is equally as important that people who are weary of the everyday shenanigans coming from the state department also contact Governor Kay Ivey.  After all, she is president of the state board of education.  She needs to know that Alabama’s “ship of state” will never be righted so long as Mike Sentance and his cronies are in office.

Sentance became state superintendent last September.  It’s been downhill ever since.

Tell Governor Ivey the 730,000 public school students in Alabama deserve so much more than this.

Reach the governor through her assistant Barbara Kelley.  (

And copy her chief of staff Steve Pelham ( and her education liaison Christian Becraft (