My family is very small.  Only me, my sister and my brother.  Sister has one daughter and one grandchild.  I have a son and daughter and no grandchildren.  My brother has never married.  So we don’t need much space to have a “family reunion.”

Neither do we have many chances to see one another.  Especially since my brother lives in Medellin, the capital of Antioquia Province in Columbia and, until a couple of months ago. my daughter and her husband lived in Germany.

But we will have a chance to gather for a couple of days nest week at my sister’s in Black Mountain, NC.  (Son Kevin, in Mobile, will not be able to come.)  And here’s hoping that the weather will be just a tad cooler than south Alabama in August.  (My computer says right now at 4:30 CDT on Thursday, August 15, it is 82 degrees in Black Mountain as compared to 99 degrees in Montgomery.).

No wonder my sister and brother-in-law like it there.

So I will let someone else be concerned about Alabama politicians who know more about schools than teachers who work in them and former members of our charter commission who swallowed Soner Tarim’s bait about Woodland Prep hook, line and sinker for a few days.  I’m heading for higher and cooler ground.