Some of the good folks in Cherokee County have invited me to join them Tuesday, March 22 at 6 p.m. at Lanny’s BBQ in Centre to discuss current education going-ons around the state.

But honest, I had to chuckle when I learned they are calling this “An Evening with Larry Lee.”

And I immediately thought back to many years ago when I was attending a conference at Callaway Gardens, GA and was about to play golf one afternoon with friends from the University of Georgia.  At lunch we ran into someone who worked with me at the time at Progressive Farmer magazine in Birmingham who told my UGA buddies that I was a pretty good golfer.

Which, of course, about pre-destined me to have a horrible outing that afternoon on the golf course.

So that night my Georgia friends again run into my fellow editor, the same one who said I could play golf, and I will never forget one of them telling him, “You know, Larry was probably the most over-introduced golfer I’ve ever seen.”

But over-introduced or not, I am looking forward to seeing old friends and making new ones.  Also look forward to visiting one of their schools that afternoon and having the chance to meet with superintendent Mitchell Guice and some of his staff’.   Thanks to Frankie Trammell and Freddy Reynolds for making this all happen.

I know I will enjoy my friend Lanny Starr’s BBQ and hope to see one of my life’s more unforgettable characters, Scooter Howell.

Oh, I’m leaving my golf clubs at home