People in Washington County have been battling against a planned charter school for more than a year.  Seems that at every turn they have faced roadblock after roadblock.  The state charter school commission has denied their opposition exists and information that should be available to the public has been kept secret.

Case in point, minutes of the charter school commission.  The first meeting was in August, 2015–but minutes of meetings were not published on the commission web site until a few days ago.  And they were only for those from 2018 and 2019.

Obviously frustration in this very rural county is mounting daily.  This was certainly evident Monday night, April 29 when 200 people attended a community side meeting to learn more about the Gulen charter school movement and its ties to Soner Tarim of Texas and the company he owns that will manage Woodland Prep in Washington County.

There is now an on-line petition where people can sign up to list their opposition.  You can find it here.

More and more this is becoming David vs. Goliath, with David being folks in Washington County and Goliath being an entranced Montgomery bureaucracy.

Help David continue the battle by signing this petition.  And sharing it with your friends.