It was bound to happen.

“It” being a campaign fueled by mega bucks from some of the state’s major political action committees in an effort to pass Amendment One.

The Alabama Farmers Federation organized “Yes For The Best Education” effort.  They kicked things off with a $100,000 contribution.  Manufacture Alabama kicked in $50,000, as did the Alabama Association of Realtors.  The Alabama Forestry Association gave $25,000.

I have no clue what this campaign will entail.  But I am willing to bet it will not be telling people that a YES vote means they are giving up their right to vote or that if Amendment One passes, Alabama will be the ONLY state in the nation where the state senate controls public education.

And here is the real tragedy in all of this.

Who among the groups that claim to represent education, the ones who get hundreds of thousands of dollars from local school systems for membership dues, is working hard to defeat Amendment One?