1,546 miles.  Six states.  Five nights.  And tired.

Plus, south Alabama is still hot and humid, just like it was when I left on Aug. 16.

Was great to visit family.  Daughter Kim and son-in-law Tod came from Maryland to my sister’s in Black Mountain, NC.  Brother Stephen flew in from Medellin, Columbia, which he says is a mile high and temperature is basically the same year-round.  In the low 80’s in the day and 60’s at night.  He has no air-conditioning.  When I asked what  seasons they have, he simply told me “wet” and “dry.”  Which basically means every day is like yesterday.

I will stick to spring, summer, fall and winter.  I mean, how do you know when it’s football season?

Black Mountain is about 25 miles east of Ashville.  Was in the 60’s early every morning.  When that happens down here, we say, “fall is in the air.”

A side trip to  Coalwood, WV.  The boyhood home of Homer Hickam, who wrote the book, Rocket Boys, more than 20 years ago(This will be a post for another day.)

But as I knew it would be, Alabama and our public education trials and tribulations were never far from mind.  So lots of phone calls from the road to check on things.

My brother-in-law is Anthony.  My only niece, his daughter, has a boy who just turned two.  He is a cheery child, always laughing and smiling.  He too is Anthony.  So throughout my stay, there were constant questions of “where is little Anthony”?

With that in mind, I leave you with this.