As most political campaigns near the end, we get into “silly season” when accusations become more far-fetched and ludicrous.  Which was certainly the case just prior to the Nov. 3 general election.

However, this year “silly season” went into overtime with Donald Trump and his supporters refusing to believe that more than 7 million more citizens voted for Joe Biden than for Trump.

And not a day goes by lately that I don’t just shake my head at some new far-fetched tale.

One of the best comes from Burgess Owens who defeated Democrat incumbent Ben McAdams in Utah’s 4th Congressional district.  The district includes part of Salt Lake City  He is a staunch Trump supporter and refuses to believe Trump lost.

I don’t know Owens.  But Google does.  After playing football at the University of Miami, Owens played for 10 years in the NFL with the New York Jets and the Oakland Raiders.  He has been a successful businessman and is CEO of a non-profit for troubled youth.

He recently told the newspaper in Salt Lake City why he thinks Trump should get another term in office.  Basically he thinks there are several ways to decide who wins a contest.  One being that if you do your best in the game and left everything on the field, then you did not lose.  You actually won.

Do you actually believe that when the University of Alabama and Ohio State University play for the national football championship on Jan. 11, they will both adopt this attitude and that both teams will get a trophy?

For some reason, I don’t.

Owens won his race over McAdams on Nov. 3 by 3,765 votes, one of the closest Congressional races in the country..  Or did Owens really win?  What if McAdams said that since he ran a hard and strong campaign, he really did not lose and should get another term?

What tune would Owens be singing then?

Yep, it is definitely “silly season.”