Common sense tells most of us that there is no way a school labeled with a grade of F can compete with one that is an A.  Why this would be as crazy as thinking a 1A school could beat a 7A school in football.

So someone please explain the following to me.

About the end of school each year we get info from school systems about how well students in various high schools did in rounding up scholarship offers.  And, of course, we pass out the attaboys..

So right on schedule the Montgomery public school system sent out a  press release detailing down to the dollar how much scholarships added up to for all eight of its high schools.  It is a quite impressive number.  Like $71.2 million.

But it is important to know that of these eight schools, the state says three of them are A schools, two are Ds and two are Fs because when we look at the dollars each brought in, things get confusing.

As well as unexplainable.  You see, students at the two F schools, Lee and Lanier, got a total of $17.1 million in scholarships.  By comparison, Brewbaker Tech and Booker T. Washington, both magnet schools rated A, got $15.6 million.  That’s right, the two F schools pulled in $1.5 million more in scholarships than two A schools.

Makes no sense does it?  Just like the A-F school report cards.