Using the latest data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, GOBankingRates compiled average teacher salaries by state (not Washington, D.C.).  See the list here:

It is hardly a surprise that teachers are among the lowest paid professionals in the nation.

Best paid are teachers in Alaska with an average salary of $77,843.  On the other end of the spectrum are our good friends in Mississippi at $42,043.

Alabama is No. 32 at $49,517.  In the south, Tennessee, Georgia, Kentucky and South Carolina pay more than Alabama, while we are above Arkansas, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi and North Carolina.

And since our latest game to play is comparing Alabama to Massachusetts, note that the average Bay State teacher makes $71,587–No. 5 in the country.  Which means Alabama teachers earn 69 percent as much as their Massachusetts counterparts.

Interesting that while our governor and new state school superintendent want our fourth grade math scores to be as high as those in Massachusetts, I’ve not heard either one saying anything about the disparity in teacher pay.