Though I have yet to see the final results in my run for the District two seat on the Montgomery school board, I do know that I was trounced to the tune of OTHER GUY got 71 percent and I got only 29 percent.  Out of a total of 3,077 votes cast, I only received 893.

The opposition ran a smart race for a two person field of candidates.  When your candidate has no track record of being involved with public schools and few people know him, your only hope is to launch an extremely negative campaign against the other person so that on election day, more people vote AGAINST someone than FOR someone.

Of course, the fact you are must also speak ill of the 29,000 MPS students, teachers,  principals and administrators makes no difference.  All you want to do is WIN AT ANY COST.  The well-being of children is never part of the equation–even though some shout from the rooftops that it is.

I mean, Charlotte Meadows, a former member of the MPS board, sent out a letter proclaiming that “Lee is NOT PRO-LIFE.”  And all this time I was thinking that it was the U.S. Supreme Court that voted on such matters, not the school board of Montgomery County, AL.

I asked Charlotte why she said this about me when I saw her election day.  She said she did not.  I have the letter in front of me as I write.

People constantly bemoan the fact that we can’t get good, decent people to run for public office.  It’s because of the kind of campaigns I just went through.  Who the heck wants to go to their mailbox and pull out another flyer attacking your character and distorting things you have done?  I did not enjoy it for sure.

While of course I was disappointed, I slept better last night than I have in weeks.  Today I can go back to doing what I do best–telling the positive story of public education.

I have been humbled in the last 12 hours by hundreds of phone calls, emails and text messages supporting my candidacy and what I stood for.  All are deeply appreciated.

I am more convinced today than ever that public education in Alabama is under a major attack.  The ONLY way to combat this is for those  who believe in the mission of these schools is to unite and speak out loudly and forcefully.

There are dozens of advocacy groups across the country who support public education.  But none in Alabama that I know about.  Isn’t it about time?