As we inch closer and closer to grading our schools with an A-F grade, even though research does not support any benefits for doing so, it’s only natural that we look at those states which currently use this approach to see how it helps them.

According to info distributed by Rep. Terri Collins who is the primary sponsor of A-F, info supplied to her by Jeb Bush’s Excellence in Education Foundation, 17 states have A-F legislation.  They include: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Louisiana, Maine, Mississippi, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Utah and West Virginia..

Now let’s look at this ranking of each state’s school system and compare to the A-F states.

Notice anything?

Sure do.  Of the top ten ranked states, only one (Maine) indulges in A-F school grading.  On the other hand, of the bottom ten ranked states, six of them have A-F.  (Alabama, West Virginia, Mississippi, Arizona, New Mexico, Louisiana)

The top seven states in this ranking are: Massachusetts, New Jersey, Connecticut, Vermont, Wisconsin, New Hampshire and Virginia.  Since A-F is the greatest thing since sliced bread, why haven’t these states embraced it?  And since Governor Bentley (the one who says our education “sucks”) is all about turning Alabama into Massachusetts South, why doesn’t he whisper in Rep. Collins’ ear that if something is not good enough for Massachusetts, we don’t want it?

Or why doesn’t he make a speech and talk about why we should repeal this bill?

But then, all of that sounds far too logical for a state where LOGIC is obviously considered a four-letter word.