Yes, sometimes life takes twists and turns that we never would imagine.

Exhibit A is the fact that just after noon today (Aug. 31) I was sworn in as a member of the Montgomery County school board for District 2.  This is the seat I ran for earlier in the year and lost the election on June 5.

So here is what happened.  The incumbent, Durden Dean, was giving up his seat to move to North Carolina to be closer to grandkids.  To my knowledge, he originally planned to stay through the end of his term that ends Nov. 30.  However, the tug of grandkids came into play and Durden resigned his position effective Aug 28..

This meant the MPS board could name someone to fill out the rest of his term. I sent an email to all board members when I got the news and told them that I would consider filling this position.

I was picked in a special called meeting.  Here is the story in the Montgomery Advertiser.

Obviously I am grateful for this vote of confidence.  And though I will serve for only three months, every journey begins with a step and hopefully I can be part of taking some positive ones for this community and school system.

Anyone who knows me well knows that I can ask a lot of questions.  (Maybe this is why I became a journalist.)  And I already have a number of them.

I also know that real education takes place in schools and classrooms and it is very important that those who make decisions about education work hard to keep in touch with the reality of classrooms and listen to teachers and principals at every opportunity.  Since being sworn in today, I have been in two schools.  I will be in many more in the next three months.