As regular readers know, most of what I put on this blog deals with public education.  While the following tale actually had its roots in a fashion with education, it quickly strays and becomes one of those stories that sticks with us for a lifetime and from time to time will always provide a good laugh.  And like daddy’s daddy, I have long felt that laughter is good for the soul.

And since today is Father’s Day and this story is one of the best remembrances I have of daddy, I share.

In the spring of 1991 a dear friend in Dothan was completing her doctorate in education and told me she had to find a quiet place to study for her oral comps that summer.  Since daddy owned the land at Rt. 2 Red Level grandpa used to farm and no one was living there, I told my follow me to Covington County and spend the week there.

In August I’m having a fish fry at the farm for some friends and dad came down from North Carolina where he and mother lived to get ready by mowing, cutting bushes, etc.  Mother did not come with him.

But both came back in October.  I went over one day and dad and I are playing golf when daddy said, deadly serious, I AM IN A LOT OF TROUBLE.

I immediately asked him why and this is where things got interesting.  Seems that when mother got to the farm, she found a pair of female underwear in a dresser drawer that did not belong to her.  She immediately thought daddy may have been up to no good when he was down in August.

I hooted because I immediately knew what must have happened..  I told daddy I would tell mom.  He said, NO, IF SHE WANTS TO KNOW ANYTHING, SHE WILL BRING IT UP.

That night at supper mom innocently asks, SON, DOES ANYONE EVER STAY HERE AT THE FARM?   That was my cue and I told her the whole story.  To his credit, daddy kept right on eating and did not say a word.

Naturally I told mom that I would take “the present” back to Dothan.  She put them in a paper bag and I made sure they were returned.  And I was correct, they went back to their rightful owner.

I should add that this incidence was never mentioned again by either mom or dad.  Nor did I mention it around either of them.

But that doesn’t mean I haven’t shared it with many friends as I am doing with you now.

HAPPY FATHER’S DAY daddy.  Thanks for the memory.