The last BIG BIRTHDAY has now been here, come and gone.  There were dozens and dozens and dozens of well wishes.  I was truly humbled by them all.  From friends from college and high school (probably just to let me know they too made it this far), from regular blog readers I have never met (who I am so thankful for), folks I once worked with somewhere and more.

Son Kevin checked in from Mobile, daughter Kim checked in from Germany, sister Barb said hello from the hills of western North Carolina and brother Steve reached out from South America.

It definitely gives you pause to consider all the lives you have crossed through the years.  And you spend time thinking about how each has made your own life richer.

Few of us will leave behind large buildings bearing our name on a college campus, or some huge pile of money to be donated to worthy causes.  But we will all leave behind a legacy of how we treated others, what we stood for, causes we supported.  And certainly friends.

It’s nice to be reminded of that once a year.