Like most deep-friend southern boys, I like sweet iced tea.  Like it a lot.  Never one for coffee, I have gulped down gallons and gallons of sweet tea, morning, noon and night.  A nectar of the Gods so to speak.  Regardless the weather outside, nothing beats a tall glass of sweet tea with plenty of ice.

But the recent diagnosis of being diabetic has brought this delight to a screeching halt.  And it has now been more than three weeks since  my last glass.  Now it is water with lemon.  Water with lemon.  More water and more lemon.

Even a night ago when I stopped by a BBQ shack to get some ribs it was water with lemon.  Just did not seem American.  At least American south of the Mason-Dixon line.

I have eaten so much lettuce in the last three weeks I may soon have a bushy tail.  Pecan pie?  forget it.  Chocolate pie?  Nope.  Off limits.  And just a few nipples of corn bread with my peas and greens.

When I was in the hospital a few days ago, one of the meals had cabbage.  About 70 years ago when I was in kindergarten, we had cabbage for lunch.  We also had chocolate pudding for dessert.  I ate the cabbage, got sick, and missed the pudding.  The hospital cabbage was the first I’d eaten since then.

So today I am at one of my favorite meat and three places here in Montgomery.  One of their sides was cabbage.  What the heck, I ordered it.  Now I know that I have not missed anything for 70 years and will not order it again until perhaps 70 years from now.

Adjusting my diet is not easy.  But I am trying.  And no doubt missing the mark by a long way.  But I prick my finger each morning and check my blood sugar.  Was 113 this morning.  Then shoot up with insulin every night.  Have been to see two doctors since my episode.  Both have been satisfied with how I’m doing.

Definitely need to walk more.  Bought a new pair of walking shoes and have climbed on my tread mill a few times.  My dear friend, Martha Peek, who retired last summer as superintendent in Mobile County, has lost 40 pounds since then.  She looks great.  Walking three miles a day has played a big part of her transformation.  About every day or so she emails me the same question: DID YOU WALK TODAY?

I got the perfect response to her question from a 4th grader at Bear Elementary here in town.  She said I should get a dog and name it “Five Miles.”  Then I can tell Martha that I walk five miles every day.

And who knows, after I walk Five Miles I might sneak a glass of sweet tea.  With plenty of ice.