The paperwork Diane Bentley filed against the governor for a divorce had hardly hit the Tuscaloosa County courthouse before some girded themselves in righteousness indignation and sought out a reporter to call for the governor to tell all.

At the head of the pack was Rep. Allen Farley (R-McCalla). Professing to be a man of faith and a friend of Governor Bentley, Farley says the governor should address allegations about the divorce.

Farley then sent a letter to the Attorney General requesting an investigation to see if there has been misuse of state money. “I’m a good steward and we’re good stewards of state money,” Farley said.

Wait just one minute. Isn’t this the same Allen Farley who voted to re-elect Rep. Mike Hubbard as Speaker of the House last January? The same Mike Hubbard who has been indicted on 23 counts of felony?

Isn’t this the same lawmaker who stood on a stage with Mike Hubbard shortly after he was indicted to show his unwavering loyalty? Why am I hearing this song?

Do true men of faith use a double standard to assign judgment? As an ordained deacon in the Southern Baptist faith, I didn’t know we could pick and choose commandments to obey. Which is why it seems strange that if Rep. Farley is so concerned about the seventh commandment dealing with adultery, why is he ignoring the eighth commandment about stealing.

I do not know Rep. Farley. So to learn something about him I did as I often do, I looked on the Secretary of State’s web site to check his campaign financial statements.

He was first elected to the House in 2010 when he defeated incumbent Pat Moore handily. He raised nearly $65,000 in both cash and in-kind contributions. His biggest contributor was the Alabama Education Association who gave him $10,000. He also took $2,000 from the state employees PAC and $1,000 each from the United Mine Workers and the AFL-CIO.

These is hardly the names you expect to find supporting Republicans. And it is unlikely they contribute to candidates unless the candidate has told them what they want to hear. When Bob Riley, Mike Hubbard and Billy Canary with the Business Council of Alabama spent $5.1 million between them in 2014 on legislative races, chances are they felt the candidates they were backing would be sensitive to their issues and positions.

No doubt AEA believed that Farley would be supportive of education issues when they wrote their $10,000 check. But since Farley has toed the Republican line on votes for the Alabama Accountability Act and charter schools it is apparent that he took the money and ran.

Now we are supposed to believe his outcry about the governor is because of deep-seated convictions. The same ones he displayed when he asked Dr. Paul Hubbard for money?

Nope. A blind man can see through this charade. Rep. Farley is a Mike Hubbard loyalist. Mike Hubbard will go on trial. Robert Bentley will be a witness at the trial. If Hubbard is convicted on any one of the 23 felony counts, he immediately loses his seat in the legislature and is no longer Speaker. If that happens, Farley loses whatever clout he has acquired from the Speaker.

This is all about discrediting a witness–not about being a good steward of the taxpayer’s money.

And once again we see there is no shame in Montgomery.