Josh Moon was a reporter for The Montgomery Advertiser for many years.  Today he writes for The Alabama Political Reporter.

He has once again taken a look at the charter school mess in Washington County.  But what jumped out at me in his latest article is his description of an article a few days ago on that purports to be a look at Washington County.  You can read the article here.

Sadly, I agree with Josh Moon.  In this case, the reporter had documentation and interviewed people in Washington County who refuted what she had previously written in this article of June 7, but chose to ignore it.  This leaves one to conclude that the reporter first drew their conclusion and then only used info that supported it.

This is not journalism.  It is propaganda.

I got a journalism major from Auburn and graduated in 1966. Time after time I climbed the steps to the third floor classroom of Professor Paul Burnett in Samford Hall to study beginning news writing, feature writing, photo journalism, etc.  Had Professor Burnett graded the two articles referred to above from, they would have received very low marks.

The people of Washington County have been “under attack” from the state charter commission for months and months.  They are facing a potential loss of revenue that will devastate their public school system.  They have been mischaracterized and ignored by people in Montgomery.  No one has come to their aid.

Now this.  The state’s largest media outlet has stooped to this level by discarding objectivity,  Professor Burnett would just shake his head in amazement.