Jackie Zeigler serves on the state school board from District 1, which includes seven counties in southwest Alabama.  She is adamantly opposed to Amendment One, that would replace the elected state board with one appointed by the governor and approved by the state senate.  The amendment will be on the ballot on March 3, the date of the presidential election.

She has a Facebook page titled: “Vote No on CA1: Keep your right to vote on State School Board.”

“As representative for State Board of Education District One, I am vehemently opposed to any attempt to take away the voice of the people. Elimination of your elected State Board of Education Constitutional officers would be one step closer to having the Educational Trust Fund fall into the hands of individuals whose main intent may not be our students’ best interest. We must continue to be aware of the consequences that will result from this attempt to take away the power of the citizens.

I find it extremely insulting that our Governor and legislators think it is OK for citizens to vote for them–but not state school board members,” says Zeigler.

When a vacancy occurs on the state school board, the governor appoints someone to fill the remainder of that term.  Zeigler had an up close and personal look at how well this works, when Governor Robert Bentley appointed Matt Brown to District 1 in 2015.  Brown had never  attended a public school and played a leading role in defeating a tax vote to fund Baldwin County schools.  Yet Bentley ignored this and appointed him any how.

Zeigler handily defeated Brown in the Republican primary in 2016, even though the Business Council of Alabama spent well more than $100,000 on Brown’s campaign.

“Campaign ads will be launched by those wishing to squash our rights and our voice. It is vital to remain steadfast and strong in the knowledge that Amendment One is not in the interest of our citizens. Alabama needs to vote NO on Amendment One to protect the right to vote for our own elected officials,” says Zeigler.  “Won’t you join me?”

Zeigler’s Facebook link is:  https://www.facebook.com/events/549529362452048/

Zeigler can be reached: jzeigler3071@gmail.com