One of the most recent entries in the 2016 presidential campaign on the Republican side is former Florida Governor Jeb Bush.  Because of his involvement while governor with “education reform” in the Sunshine State, no doubt we will hear a great deal from him about things we need to do to improve public education.

This is meaningful in Alabama because of the close ties Bush has to some of our major political players.  For instance, Billy Canary, head of the Business Council of Alabama, worked at the White House for Jeb’s father.  Former Governor Bob Riley’s scholarship granting organization is actually a subsidiary of Step Up for Students, a Florida-based SGO.  Legislative leaders here have had staffers from the Bush Foundation for Excellence in Education attend meetings in Alabama.

There is no doubt that the Bush education record will get close scrutiny from many since Jeb has now declared his candidacy.  Valerie Strauss is a longtime education reporter for the Washington Post.

She has some interesting information about Jeb and his education record in this article.  And as you read it, note that some things have a familiar ring to them, such as “opportunity scholarships,” instead of vouchers.  It’s doubtful that the fact Riley’s SGO is called the Alabama Opportunity Scholarship Fund by coincidence.