Being a total non-tech person, I use the services of a small company to handle all the technical aspects involved with this blog.  They have nothing to do with what I write about.  I make those decisions.

So I was naturally dumbfounded when the person who runs the company passed along a message she received Labor Day night on her Facebook page.

It was from Chasidy White, who Mike Sentance hired months ago as Director-Strategic Initiatives at an annual salary of $113,479.

Here is what she wrote::

“… you own the domain which hosts and strategically promotes Larry Lee’s blog.  Last week, he published an article which maliciously libeled me, and intentionally was defamation of my character.  This was intentional infliction of emotional distress, and I had to go to the emergency room because it almost caused a heart attack.  It is my sincere hope that you take the article down.  Thank you, Chasidy White”

She was referring to this piece I posted at 10:15 p.m. August 31 about Deputy Superintendent Jeff Langham being fired that day.  And here is what I wrote she apparently took offense to:

“One of Sentance’s first hires was Chasidy White, a teacher in a Tuscaloosa high school.  She is paid $113,479 and has the title of Director-Strategic Initiatives.  But the only strategic initiative she seems involved with now is chief cheerleader and political operative for Sentance.  It is common knowledge she monitors social media accounts of various department employees to see if they speak ill of the head man.  She also arranged for Sentance to meet with Alabama Tea Party leaders a few days ago.

Recently she went out of her way to tell members of the department’s Teacher Cabinet about how much Sentance was traveling around the state to visit schools and see teachers in action.  So when Sentance joined the meeting a teacher asked him to tell them about some of the good things he has seen in Alabama schools.  According to someone in attendance, this question brought dead silence from Sentance and he finally said he had seen passionate teachers.”

Malicious libel?  Defamation?  Really?

So someone who claims to be mistreated goes to the effort to track down the company that works with my blog and then goes on a Facebook page to try to intimidate a small business owner.  This is bizarre.

Is such activity in her job description?  Is this what she was hired to do?  Is “Strategic Initiative “.another name for silencing those who don’t agree with you?

With this action Ms. White substantiates my comment about her monitoring social media.

And why didn’t she contact me?  I am not hard to find.  People do it all the time.

This is a small, but very, very sad example of what a charade is now taking place at our state department of education.