A few days ago we asked if Katie Boyd Britt would be a candidate in 2022 for Richard Shelby’s U.S. Senate seat.  She has now filed paperwork with the Federal Election Commission that she will be a candidate, though she has not made a public announcement.

She became president and CEO of the Business Council of Alabama in January, 2019.  She is the first female to ever hold this position.  Prior to this she was Shelby’s chief of staff.

It has been a very open rumor for months that Shelby was encouraging her to run.

A native of Enterprise, Britt was president of the Student Government Association at the University of Alabama.  She also earned a law degree from the university.

She is now the third candidate for this seat.  Congressman Mo Brooks of Huntsville is a candidate and has been endorsed by former President Donald Trump.  The other is Montgomery businesswoman Lynda Blanchard who was appointed by Trump as ambassador to Slovenia.  She and her husband were major financial contributors to Trump.

The primary will be May 24, 2022.

This promises to be a very interesting race given Shelby’s longtime clout in the state.  He will be a powerful ally of Britt’s, especially when it comes to fund-raising.

I know nothing about Blanchard.  But given the fact that Brooks is prone to stick his foot in his mouth and seems more intent on calling attention to himself than anything else, my choice at this point is definitely Britt.

So she went to the University of Alabama and is married to a former football player there, while I am a diehard Auburn grad, some things are far more important than a football rivalry  Like having a U.S.  Senator who will not constantly embarrass the state of Alabama..