Since announcing last week that I am running for a seat on the Montgomery County school board this spring, I have definitely been humbled by the response I have received.  Email after email after email wished me success and encouragement.  School principals from here in Montgomery called to offer their support.

Friends have asked how they can help.  One who lives in Birmingham said she would bring a carload of friends to town on a Saturday to knock on doors for me.  Others have volunteered to host neighborhood coffees, email their friends, etc.  One who has a LOT of political campaign experience promised to put it to use for me.

And quite a number of people have asked, “How can I contribute to your campaign fund?”

With that in mind, I set up this site so that donations can be made on-line with a minimum of effort.  Just click on it and you will be walked through the easy process.

Naturally, campaigns take money for printing, postage, yard signs, etc.  So any support you can give will be much appreciated.  And definitely put to good use.

I am excited about the effort to help the 29,000 children in Montgomery public schools.  They certainly need it.  We have a lot of experience here in what does not work.  Now it is time to try practical, common sense ideas that both research and experience support.

Thank you for your friendship and for your continuing support of our public schools.