California GOP congressman Kevin McCarthy is the minority leader in the U.S. House of Representatives. On May 19 we made the case that he is the worst person in Congress.

Nothing has changed since for him to lose this title.

McCarthy is strongly opposed to a complete and thorough investigation of the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol.  As pointed out in the earlier post, McCarthy had no reluctance to double cross one of his own members (Rep. John Katko) when the member did exactly what McCarty instructed him to do.

And because of GOP opposition, the effort to create a commission to study Jan. 6 failed.  As a last resort. the Democrat majority in the House is moving forward to create a select committee to investigate what took place..

According to the resolution to create the select committee eight of the members will be appointed by Speaker Nancy Pelosi and five by McCarthy.  McCarthy has yet to say if he will make appointments.  However, it has come to light that McCarthy told all freshmen GOP House members that if they accept appointment to this committee, they will be striped of any of their committee assignments.

One of Pelosi’s appointments to the committee is Rep. Liz Cheney of Worming, whose removal from a GOP leadership position was orchestrated by McCarthy.  It is apparent McCarthy and Cheney are not bosom buddies.

Why is McCarthy so opposed to looking closer at Jan. 6?  According to GOP sources, the minority leader feels threatened by what an investigation might find how his own reputation might be harmed.

Editor’s note:  While McCarthy and most Republicans are now opposing an investigation into Jan. 6, none of them seem to remember when GOP Speaker John Boehner set up the same kind of committee on May 2, 2014 to look into the 2012 terrorist attack in Benghazi.  Some 225 Republicans voted in favor of this measure.  In fact, this was only one of six investigations conducted by Republican-controlled House committees about Benghazi.

Editor’s note I:  While the GOP controlled the House at this point, Democrats controlled the Senate.  Lindsey Graham of South Carolina wanted a special commission, such as the 9/11 commission, created to look into Benghazi.  He stated, Congressional oversight is crucial to understanding what happened before, during, and after the attacks, so we can be sure we do everything in our power to prevent future attacks.” 

Graham was opposed to taking the same approach to Jan. 6.

Summary:  This is leadership?  It is all a joke and the citizens of this nation are paying the price.  And would some one explain the logic of re-electing any of these people?