There are 435 members of the U.S. House of Representatives and 100 members of the U.S. Senate.  Deciding which one is the worst is a bit of a challenge these days since there are so many vying for this designation.

Republican minority leader Mitch McConnell in the Senate comes to mind.  The same guy who recently said that his only purpose is to try and block any programs the Biden administration proposes.  The same person who stood on the Senate floor shortly after the Jan. 6 riot at the capitol and said Donald Trump played a big role in causing this.

Or Senator Ted Cruz, the Texas loudmouth who headed to Cancun when Texas was hit by a horrible winter storm a few months ago and dozens of his constituents lost their lives.  Or Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri, who like Cruz, is more talk than action.  Or Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin who went on talk radio and falsely claimed that 3,000 people lost their lives from taking the Covid vaccine.

There is also a cast of characters among the 435 house members.  People like Georgia’s Marjorie Taylor Greene who was removed from all her committee assignments for outlandish conspiracy theories she promoted on social media.  Or her sidekick, Matt Gaetz of Florida who has real problems on his hands due to an investigation in his home state as to whether he had sex with a minor and various other issues.  (Right now Greene and Gaetz are holding meetings around the country in support of Trump’s false claim that the Nov. 3 election was stolen from him. Talk about a pair who deserve one another.)  Or Georgia house member Andrew Clyde who says what happened Jan. 6 was nothing more than tourists visiting the Capitol.  (Photos came out a few days ago showing Clyde helping to barricade a door so the “tourists” could not get into the House chamber.)

But after careful consideration I’ve come to the conclusion that no one else rises to the level of California Congressman Kevin McCarthy.  He is Republican minority leader in the House and nothing, I MEAN NOTHING, matters to him except being elected Speaker when and if the GOP regains a majority of house members.

Because of this, he has apparently thrown truth to the wind and changes positions often.  He has no core values and jello for a spine.

There is now an effort to form a commission to dig deep into what happened on Jan. 6.  Shortly after the riot, McCarthy told his fellow members that Donald Trump should be held accountable for this event.  Then he hightailed it to Florida to kiss Trump’s ring and came back a changed man.

The House Homeland Security Committee was assigned the task of developing legislation to guide the creation of a January 6 commission.  Democrat Bennie Thompson of Mississippi chairs this committee.  The ranking GOP member is John Katko of New York.  McCarthy told Katko to negotiate with Thompson and instructed him as to what demands he should make.  One being that the commission would be non-partisan and have as many Republican appointees as Democratic ones.

Katko did his job and got Thompson to agree with all of his demands.

Then McCarthy threw Katko under the bus and came out against the legislation he claimed to have wanted.

This bill was voted on May 19.  It passed with 35 Republicans voting with the Democrats.  John Katko voted for the bill, Kevin McCarthy did not.  (The 35 GOP votes came from 22 states.  Of course, the six GOP house members from Alabama, being the Trump robots they are, all voted against the bill.)

The bill now goes to the Senate where it is unlikely to pass given McConnell is opposed to it.

And we wonder why our government is in such a shambles.  Kevin McCarthy is exhibit A.