As we enter this season of holidays and giving thanks we can take a cue from Limestone County superintendent Tom Sisk, his faculty, staff and students for reminding us that we all have much to be thankful for in this wonderful country.  Take a moment to watch this video from the Limestoce County school system.

We too often fail to truly express our great good fortune for all the things of everyday life that bless us.  For the smile on the face of an expectant 1st grader; for the good nature of a school bus driver who handles precious cargo; for the teacher who pours their heart and soul into their concern for each student they have; for the janitor who has a kind word for a 3rd grader having a bad day; for the coach who teaches that life is about much, much more than just winning or losing; for the librarian who unlocks the amazing world of books that take children to magical places and so much more.

I am thankful for a  wonderful son and daughter who make me proud to be their father.  I am thankful for the many, many principals and teachers who have opened their schools and their hearts so that I can better understand the challenges and triumphs they face.  I am thankful to the superintendents you take me into their confidence and share truth instead of political correctness.

I am thankful for parents and grandparents who instilled me with work ethic and a quest for what is right and moral.

And I am so very, very thankful to the hundreds of people who visit me on this blog and offer their words of encouragement and call on me to persevere.

May you each have a true season of thanksgiving.