As hard as it may be to believe, for the first time in my life I went to the grocery yesterday and bought salt and pepper.  You know, one of those little round packages with holes in the top.  Which means I can now scramble eggs and sprinkle salt and  pepper on them.

Sounds impossible doesn’t it?  Not if you don’t cook, which I don’t.

But in this time of crisis, necessity becomes the mother of invention and I am discovering that I can actually do a few things in the kitchen. Like scramble eggs.  I do have a frying  pan.  So I crack open three eggs in a cereal bowl, mix them up with a fork and dump them in the frying pan that I have sprayed with Pam.  And a few minutes later I am ready to eat.

I have also discovered a George Foreman grill that I’ve had for years.  It does fine with a small sirloin steak.  But be mindful, it is easy to cook them too long and when you do you spend more time chewing than you do eating.  The grill does well in lightly grilling shrimp.  Put about a dozen in it, plug it in and don’t get too far away.

A sliced vine-ripe tomato, some fresh from the grocery deli potato salad and the shrimp make a decent meal.

I have also tried some of what we used to call “TV dinners.”  They come in all shapes and sizes and many brands.  I suppose they will keep you alive.  But that’s about all I can say good about them.

All the while I’m trying to bear in mind that I have a diabetes issue and need to avoid some foods as much as possible.,  Though honestly,  figuring out just what these are based on what I’ve read is about as confusing as knowing how to combat the coronavirus.

Yes, these are very different times.  Seeing me puttering around a stove is proof of that.