Now that I have taken a tentative step into the technology age with this blog, I would like to hear from you.

What info and news about public education do you most want to know about? While there are many, many supporters of public education in Alabama, many don’t have the time to stay abreast of all that is going on. To me, this is where the blog comes in. It is my effort to be your eyes and ears.

This may mean keeping track of legislative goings on, connecting dots between what policy makers say and what the real world is, highlighting success stories from Alabama classrooms and schools, and making folks aware that many of the things now being touted in Alabama as “education reform” are going on throughout the country as well.

For the most part, Alabama flew “under the radar” until 2010 when new leadership took control of our legislature. Suddenly those in power were stepping forward with the same ideas for education other states had already tried. The fact that the track record of vouchers, opportunity scholarships, charters, A to F grading systems, etc. was checked at best and often not supported by well-done research mattered not. Suddenly we were listening to a host of out-of-state “experts” backed by out-of-state dollars, rather than asking for input from our own teachers, principals and superintendents.

Education in this state needs all the “voice” it can muster. We have wonderful stories to tell. We perform miracles in the lives of young people every day.

Help me tell those stories and raise that voice. Share your thoughts and ideas and suggestions for topics to dig into.