As we know, Senators Gerald Dial and Quinton Ross set up a legislative committee last fall to investigate the shenanigans that took place during the 2016 search for a state school superintendent.

Given what has come to light in the meantime, especially an internal report by the state department of education that concluded that board member Mary Scott Hunter and four department employees worked to discredit candidate Craig Pouncey, Dial and Ross announced last week that they are re-convening this committee on July 25.

Here is the story from Mike Cason at about it all.

When he asked Hunter for a response, she dropped this bombshell.

“Of course there’s justification for getting to the truth. Some of my Alabama State Board of Education colleagues are being manipulated by insiders and bureaucrats whose priority isn’t Alabama students. The bad actors will be discovered in time as this matter is currently also in litigation.”

No doubt the seven other elected members of this board will be thrilled to hear this accusation.  It is hardly a secret that the relationship between Hunter and other board members is icy.  And now it has just gone to North Pole cold.

Her comment, “The bad actors will be discovered in time as this matter is currently also in litigation” is particularly interesting as she is obviously referring to a suit filed by Pouncey against her and four others.

In a May 1 hearing before Montgomery Circuit Court Judge Roman Shaul, Hunter’s attorney Lee Copeland argued that Hunter should be dismissed from the suit because she was just doing her job as a board member and should have immunity.

The judge has yet to rule on whether she and other defendants will be dismissed.  But this statement implies that Hunter hopes this legal action will go forward in direct conflict with her attorney’s argument.

It seems appropriate that Hunter’s statement hits on the Fourth of July when fireworks are common place.