We have all heard it said that when you are in a hole, you should stop digging.

That is, except Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz.who is being investigated by the Justice Department for sex trafficking, among other things.

Now he has written an op-ed for the Washington Examiner declaring his innocence and how he is a target of “the Washington swamp” that wants to silence his on-going battle against the political left.  He claims all allegations are just made up and that the Biden Justice Department is trying to get him.

Interestingly, he fails to mention that this investigation was begun by President Trump’s attorney general Bill Barr.  And to hear him claim that people are telling falsehoods about him is the pot calling the kettle black.  In spite of no evidence to support his claim, Donald Trump continues to claim that he only lost last November’s election because of massive vote fraud in many states.  Of course, no one has been a bigger proponent of this lie than Matt Gaetz.

Person after person believe Gaetz is in serious hot water, including former Republicans who served with him in the house.  It is now known that AG Barr told his staff to not schedule him to appear anywhere Gaetz was expected to be because he didn’t want his picture made with him.  And at least one incumbent congressman’s staff has said their boss refused to be any place Gaetz was..

So when Gaetz talks about the swamp, he is apparently talking about many Republicans.  At one time you could hardly turn on Fox News without seeing Gaetz.  Now he is seldom mentioned by them.

And Gaetz’ incessant efforts at continuing to be in the limelight are doing nothing but reminding friend (if he has any) and foe alike of the investigation.

Which reminds me of something else we’ve all heard, something about chickens going to roost.  If you listen carefully, you may hear some of them cackling.

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