Regardless of how you classify your self politically–red, blue, pink, brown, purple, conservative, liberal, independent–I’m guessing that there would be general agreement among most of us that that the pitiful excuse that passes for “leadership” in Washington is by and large totally out of touch with the reality faced by every day Americans.

It is a joke when I watch a Congressman or Senator do their most heart-felt expression of sympathy for their fellow citizens.  It is a scam.  It is like a homeless person describing what it is like to live in Buckingham Palace.

Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnel is a prime example.  He is Republican senate majority leader.  As such, he runs the show,  Totally and completely.

Of course congress has been debating another stimulus check because of the financial impact of Covid-19.

Some say it should be $600, some say it should be $2,000.

McConnel is strongly opposed to $2,000 and said on the senate floor that $2,000 would be “socialism for rich people.”  I guess he is talking about folks like himself who have a reported net worth of $30 million.

McConnell was elected to the U.S. Senate in 1984.  So how has he acquired $30 million?  Reportedly his mother-in-law gave him a $25 million inheritance.  It certainly did not come from his own family.

In fact, when McConnell was two years old he got polio and received treatment at the Roosevelt Warm Springs Institute for Rehabilitation in Georgia.  McConnell once said that his family “almost went broke” because of costs related to his illness.  The treatments prevented him from being disabled.

As majority leader, McConnell gets an annual salary of $193,000.  So his net worth is more than 180 times his annual salary.

Were I a millionaire like McConnell, I probably wouldn’t understand the difference in $600 and $2,000 either.

But I am not.  And I do understand.  And that’s something McConnell can not claim.