It’s not unusual to hear a teacher refer to a school as “sweet.”  Now I’m not for sure exactly what they mean, but I certainly believe it is a compliment.

So in keeping with this description, I definitely think Bear elementary in Montgomery is a “sweet” school.  Actually, it is more an outstanding school.  Which is why I’m sure it has been recognized as a Nationally Certified Magnet School, the first in Montgomery and only one of 115 in the U.S.

My friend Elizabeth Hill is the longtime principal.  I drop by to see her school often.  She and a great staff do a really super job.  They constantly come up with ideas that make going to school fun and exciting.

Naturally, she is proud of the accomplishment.

“Our staff and our parents are so excited about this,” said Hill. “We have worked for nearly a year to demonstrate that we have met the multiple indicators and the standards that are set forth by the Magnet Schools of America. We are very proud of our school and the work our teachers, support staff and parents do to ensure our children are getting excellent instruction.”

The required standards to earn the certification include how the school promotes diversity, have closed the achievement gap, integrated a theme-based curriculum, and encouraged parent and community involvement. The school has demonstrated they are working to prepare their students for college and career – even at the elementary level.

Editor’s note: let the record show that Ms. Hill is a proud graduate of Auburn University.