Circuit Judge Gaines McCorquodale issued his ruling Feb 4 on Woodland Prep’s motion to dismiss a law suit against them.

The motion was denied and the suit now moves forward.

The Alabama Education Association filed suit last August against Soner Tarim, the Texas-based “education guru” hired by Woodland Prep. accusing him of submitting false information to the state charter school commission on behalf of Woodland Prep.

(Tarim also had a management contract with Montgomery’s LEAD Academy.  But according to LEAD, Tarim is no longer working for them.)

The next step in the process will be “discovery,” which consist of depositions, interrogatories and requests for admissions..

Last June the Texas state board of education denied Tarim’s request to open four charters in Auston.  I interviewed two members of the Texas board after they turned down this request.  One of them said to me, “How could people in Alabama let this guy hoodwink them?”

As time has gone along, we are learning the wisdom of this question.