Deception and false info have been standard operating procedure for those promoting Woodland Prep charter in Washington County since the get go.

They have used bogus letters of support, fake proficiency rates, unverifiable numbers and listed non-existent “team members.”

Now they are employing “bounty hunters” to look for students in an effort to meet their stated enrollment of 260 by next summer.  They are paying $20 an hour for these people to comb the countryside.  For every five students they sign up, they get a $100 bonus.

(Which begs the question: if you are the greatest thing since sliced bread as they claim, why aren’t parents standing in line to enroll their children?)

Recently one of these “recruiters” approached a long time friend of hers in Washington County wanting to enroll her three kids.  The mother told her she had no intention of doing so.  Then the “recruiter” asked her to sign a paper saying her signature would prove she had called on her and would ensure that she would be paid by Woodland Prep for working.

To her dismay, the mother soon got an email from the charter saying that her three children were enrolled, which was totally untrue.

It’s hardly a surprise that shortly after this happened, the mother sent the following text message to a friend who teaches in the Washington County public school system.

“My biggest thing is I just don’t want anyone done like I was.  That pisses me off that my kids were enrolled and I just thought my info was being put down saying we talked.”

And we want people who engage in such practices running a school?

It’s high time the state charter school commission pull the plug on Woodland Prep.  There is a consequence for this kind of conduct in public schools.  It is called losing your job.

When are we going to hold charters to the same standard?

Editor’s note:  Soner Tarim of Houston is the consultant for Woodland Prep and calls all the shots.  He is also the consultant for LEAD Academy in Montgomery.  We are barely one month into a new school year and LEAD is already looking for a new principal.   The first one they hired was fired after one year as principal at Park Crossing high school in the Montgomery system.