In the last few years football teams from Auburn and Alabama have gone to the White House to be honored as National Champions.  Well step aside guys because the next team to show up at the White House will be the rocket building team from Russellville High School and Middle School.

And while the football team got recognition for being a national champ, Russellville gets honored for being International Champions.

As we’ve written about previously, this group outperformed 700 teams from across the nation earlier this year and in June won the international competition at the Paris Air Show.  And they have just been notified that the seven team members will be going to the White House to meet President Obama within the next two weeks.

As we often say in south Alabama, these young folks are now definitely “in tall cotton.”  This is an honor everyone in the state can be proud of receiving.

And maybe all the folks who insist we need to listen to folks from outside the state tell us how to run our schools can be at the airport when the students from Russellville get on the airplane to go to the White House.