So, the attacks about my running for the Montgomery Board of Education continue.

This time I am branded as a racist.  See it all here.

Someone went to the trouble to go back 36 years and dig up an article from the Montgomery Advertiser where a reporter said that I used a racial slur.  I NEVER SAID THIS.  And the reporter had no proof that I did.

This was my first encounter with what today is called “fake news.”

Notice that the headline on this article says:

“School Board candidate Larry Lee’s racial slur sparked controversy in 1980s”

It’s not until the seventh paragraph that my denial gets mentioned.

And someone wants the public to believe that a racist is running for a seat on the school board of a system that is 78.5 percent African-American.  How much sense does that make?


Nor does it make any sense that two school superintendents, a retired principal, a retired teacher, two principals, a former dean of a school of education at a HBCU and the longtime director of the Montgomery HIPPY program, all of whom are African-American, would be supporting my campaign financially.

Nor does it make sense that I helped start the Black Belt Teacher Corps at the University of West Alabama to provide excellent faculty for Black Belt schools.

Nor does it make sense that I raised $17,000 to install showers at George Hall elementary school in Mobile.  A school with 373 students, 367 of whom are African-American.

On the home page of this blog you see me standing with two sixth-graders at Dadeville Elementary.  One, Alana Tolbert, is black while Addison Spakes is white.  I wrote about being interviewed by them for their school’s morning TV show.

You can see this interview here. Judge for yourself how I interacted with these students.

Over the years I have been a consistent voice FOR public schools.  I have spoken truth to power over and over when it comes to efforts by the Business Council of Alabama to control our schools and the woeful results of the Alabama Accountability Act that has now diverted $146 million from the Education Trust Fund and the madness of A-F school report cards that makes a mockery of the efforts of some of the hardest-working educators I know.

Have I stepped on some toes?

Obviously so.

Which is why I am under attack now.  This is NOT about a seat on the Montgomery school board.  This is about the heart and soul of public education in Alabama.  The same schools where 90 percent of our students go.

This is about greed and power and money.

And children be damned.