The start of a new school year means that the delightful blog, Mr. Brandon’s School Bus is back.  Mr. Brandon is Tom Brandon, a teacher and school bus driver in Madison County.

He has a keen eye and shares observations of his young passengers with the skill of a first-rate story teller.  One thing is certain, you will never visit his blog without coming away with a smile.  So do yourself a favor and share time with Tom and his young charges.

We grown ups get so caught up is so many education “squabbles” about who is taking money from whom, why is someone with absolutely no knowledge of how schools work trying to act like they do, which Washington agency will soon take our first born if we don’t obey their demands, or who may be looking at our turf with lust in their heart, that we plum forget what schools and education is really and truly about.

A few minutes with Tom Brandon brings you back to what really matters very quickly.