I have mentioned my friend Tom Brandon who teaches and drives a school bus just a stone’s throw from Tennessee in Madison County.  And also has a delightful blog where he chronicles rhe adventures of his young riders in a manner that puts you right there in the seat next to him.

Now some of his wonderful stories have been set down in print thanks to NewSouth Publishing in Montgomery.  Go here for info about ordering.

I have yet to read the book, though Tom tells me the postal service has one headed my way, but he was gracious enough to ask me to write the forword which I was happy to do.  And I look forward to seeing his handiwork.  I can feel the smiles already on their way.

A trip to Tom’s blog is an excellent way to stay grounded.  For he is in the REAL WORLD of education where young lives are touched and nurtured and dreams come to life.  I go to state school board meetings and legislative committee sessions and read volumes about polticians and their half-baked notions of how to better our schools, but I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that there is a great gulf between these worlds and Mr. Brandon’s bus.

And all the political pontifications will probably never meaure up to the impact Tom Brandon–and thousands more like him–have on education each day school is in session.