While some may call me Scrooge, I can not remember the last time I shopped for a Christmas gift for someone.  I mean like where you buy something, wrap it up and give it to them.

It’s because I long ago decided that those who mean the most to me basically have about all they honestly need, while many who are in real need could use some little amount of help.  So for years my brother, sister and I have helped some charitable cause in honor of one another.  Food banks, non-profits, our own gifts to help situations we know about, etc.

I recall once giving $500 to the school library at Red Level high school in Covington County which both mother and daddy graduated from.  The school was grateful for this help and so were my parents.

So in light of this, let me suggest that you go to the DonorsChoose web site and help a teacher in honor of someone who is special to you.  Teachers go to this site and list something they need for their class and how much it will cost.  When I last checked there were more than 1,000 projects listed in Alabama.

I have used this site a number of times to assist teachers here in the Montgomery area.  Have helped purchase cleaning supplies, technology equipment, teaching programs, etc.  In many cases I really don’t understand what the technology does, but then, I trust the teacher.

As a member of the Montgomery school board I am well aware of our financial shortfalls.  (At a recent town hall a teacher asked the superintendent when the falling ceiling in her room would be repaired and a parent wanted to know when her child would get up-to-date textbooks.)

So instead of racking your brain about what to get Aunt Mary that will probably end up gathering dust on a kitchen shelf, tell her that in her honor you have contributed to make the life of a teacher and her students better.

I promise the teacher will be very, very grateful that someone is willing to help, her students will be delighted and Aunt Mary will probably smile and say “Bless your heart.”