Given all the confusion, discussion and frustration of the last few days about the state board of education’s decision to bring in a non-educator to head Alabama schools, we decided to survey reader reactions.

Information gathered will be extremely useful in gauging public awareness, concerns and potential steps that should be made on behalf of our public schools.  Info will be shared with members of the state board, educators, lawmakers, media and other interested parties.

Our schools and the 740,000 students they teach each day are at a critical juncture.  Political ambitions–not what is right for education–are driving too many decisions.  The collective wisdom of professional, dedicated educators are dismissed in favor of promises for support from political action committees.

This survey is possible only through the support of my blog guru, Deb Geiger of Daphne; and longtime friend, Dr. Gerald Johnson, who ran the Capital Survey Research Center for many years.  Many thanks to them.

And many thanks to you as well for taking 2-3 minutes to share your thoughts here.