While it may not be written in stone anywhere, I am 100 percent convinced that one of the rules of male peaceful coexistence with the opposite sex is NEVER, EVER utter a breath about a woman’s weight.

Wayne Reynolds is on the State School Board representing Huntsville and a swath of northeast Alabama.  He was elected in 2018.

However, if he knew of the rule mentioned above, he ignored it today.  IN REFERRING TO GOVERNOR KAY IVEY.

The Governor had a press conference in Montgomery July 29 to discuss the coronavirus and school reopening.  Reynolds watched this.  And as reported here by AL.com he than blundered by going on social media and remarking that it looked like “she is gaining weight.”

OMG.  Did I just read what I just read?

Apparently so because when contacted by a reporter, Reynolds tried to explain his way out of the gaffe with the comment, “I don’t know  what she weights.  I don’t know how much she weighs.  I just made an observation.”

Which makes me think that Reynolds has forgotten another rule that goes like this.  WHEN YOU ARE IN A HOLE, QUIT DIGGING.

The Governor responded, “A lady never discusses her age or her figure–a true gentleman doesn’t either.

No doubt, Reynolds will never forget this rule again.