Want to let everyone know that this site will soon undergo an upgrade.  We’re tweaking some things in order to stay up-to-date and handle increased traffic.  (But I use “we” quite loosely as all the technical stuff is being done by my friend Deb Geiger in Daphne.  For those of you who know that I still use a flip phone, you know that sharpening a pencil is about the extent of my tech skills.)

So if something looks a wee different in the next few days, it is by design.  Hopefully you will find things even more user-friendly.

And a huge THANKS to everyone who stops by to visit and who share things with their friends they find here.  This little venture began the middle of April 2015 and the fact that we’ve now had almost 150,000 views is certainly pleasing.

I deeply appreciate everyone’s support, comments and emails.  Hopefully by continuing on this journey together we can make meaningful change happen in the public schools of Alabama.