Go here to respond to our latest survey about public education in Alabama.

Our last survey was in December 2016.  The chief takeaway from it was that there is a crisis of confidence among educators across the state. They have little faith in the governor, the legislature, the state school board or the new state school superintendent

Since then a law suit has been filed against four state department of education employees and one state board member for their role in an attempt to discredit an applicant for state school superintendent last summer.  In addition, the state school board had a two and one-half hour special called work session to air a long list of grievances about how new superintendent Mike Sentance conducts business, including securing large contracts without board approval.

This survey looks at all of these issues, plus asks for feedback on questions on previous surveys in order to develop trend lines on certain issues.

So take a couple of minutes and give us your thoughts by going here.  And pass this along to colleagues and friends for their input as well.