We’ve all seen them.  Folks who look down their nose at people from Alabama.  Their disdain is evident.  Like, “What the heck am I doing among all these rednecks?  Why they wouldn’t know a martini from a Martian.”

They feel superior.  They can say anything and the rednecks will believe them they think.

This attitude was on public display on Sept. 30 when the state charter school commission met in Montgomery.  The guy was youngish and sitting against the wall as commission members peppered Woodland Prep board chair Thad Becton and his “education consultant, Soner Tarim with questions.  Most of which were evaded.

Once again Washington County had brought a charter bus load of people to the meeting.  A handful addressed the meeting, including two students from Leroy high school.  So most of the crowd was quite familiar with this southwest Alabama county.

At one point one of the commission members wanted to know why progress at the building site had been so slow.  Why little except pouring a foundation had been done.

This was “Mr. Attitudes” cue.

He never gave his name or position.  So one can only assume that he is with American Charter Development, the company out of Springville, UT that is handling school construction.

And to the astonishment of all present, his answer was that “It rains a lot in Alabama.”  Some people laughed out loud because they know that for weeks the state has suffered through one of the worst droughts in its history.  The U.S. Drought Monitor says the entire state is “abnormally dry.”  Then the guy said it a second time.

And some folks still wonder why supporters of Woodland Prep have about as much credibility as Washington County has gotten rain in the last month.

Had they seen what I saw and heard what I heard, they would know.