Senator Del Marsh obviously has little respect for teachers–and any other education folks.  Apparently he does not consider teachers as professional or education to be a profession.

Why do I come to this conclusion?

Because his latest “Creature from the Black Lagoon” bill, known as SB119, basically screams it out loud.  What else can you surmise when Marsh says that once any new academic standards that have jumped through all the hoops of being vetted and approved by the state school board must then be approved by the legislature.

Trish Crain with explains it all here.

Here is the most pertinent part of the article.

“But the part about the legislature having the final say over academic standards flew under the radar until Thursday afternoon, when Marsh made mention of the legislative review of standards just before the Senate vote.

The bill states: “The State Board of Education shall replace the existing Common Core Standards with new standards adopted by rule pursuant to the Alabama Administrative Procedure Act.”

The Administrative Procedure Act, or APA, is a set of processes for how new rules and policies can be adopted by state agencies.

Subjecting the adoption of new academic standards to the APA, Marsh said, adds an extra layer of oversight needed at this time because of the lack of confidence in the state board.”

Earlier this week I spent two nights in ICU at a Montgomery hospital.  After all the blood samples and stuff dripping into my arm and being monitored for 60 seconds a minute, a real life physician, one who spent years in medical school and working in hospitals, said I could go home.

Do you think at that moment I wanted our legislature to have passed a law saying that before I could be released, legislators would have to review my case and say yea or nay?

Sounds absurd doesn’t it?  Of course it does.  But no more so than a group of non-educators having the final say what goes on in our classrooms.